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About Pine Valley Condominiums

Pine Valley Condominiums - picture of drive safely signWhether you're a homeowner of Pine Valley or just visiting, we welcome you to our community.

Safety First!
As with most communities, one of our top priorities for our residences is safety. At Pine Valley, we're proud to house people of all ages. So please help us keep our community safe when arriving or leaving the development. Speeds signs are marked clearly, please obey the posted speed limit.

Parking in Pine Valley
There is no assigned parking in Pine Valley. Parking on the sidewalk is not permitted.

Snow Removal
The association is responsible for removal of snow on the roads and common sidewalks. Homeowners are responsible for exclusive use sidewalks and steps to entrance of home.

Certificate of Insurance
For a Certificate of Insurance, call State Farm at 410-266-5000

Animal Disturbances
Call 410-222-8900 to receive the appropriate information regarding county animal laws and services.

Street Light Outages
Call BGE at 410-685-0123 to file a report.

Vandalism or Criminal Activities
Please contact the County Police by dialing 911. The only way problems in the community can be addressed is if calls are logged in with the county. When a call is placed to 911, a log is generated. When the county receives s certain number of calls, they respond by placing more patrol cars in the area. Some of these patrols are in unmarked cars and plain clothes. Please consider contacting 911 whenever you see vandalism or other criminal activity in or about your community.

Condominium Insurance
In accordance with Maryland law regarding condominiums, homeowners will be responsible for $5,000 deductible if the source of the damage originates in their unit. Most insurers will provide a rider on your policy that will cover that portion of the master policy deductible for which you are responsible. Since the master policy does not cover personal contents and belongings or any betterments and improvements you or a former owner may have made to your home, please contact you insurance agent to make sure that you are adequately insured.

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