Pine Valley Condominiums

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WELCOME to Pine Valley Condominiums, a quaint community of more than 90 townhouse-style homes, nestled along Broadneck Peninsula in the Bay Hills area of Arnold, Maryland.

Pine Valley is conveniently located to three cities of interest: a 5-minute drive to downtown historic Annapolis, a 20-minute drive to downtown Baltimore, and a 40-minute drive to our nation's capital.

While quaint, Pine Valley is busting with all types of people – young, old and everywhere in between. From medium-size families to single homeowners, Pine Valley is home to a variety of living households.

Our community is small and close-knit with mutual respect for the homeowners shared throughout the development. We take pride in the the fact the entire commuity understands and acknowledges the importance of working together to maintain an attractive, well kept neighborhood.

Pine Valley Condominium Association's contracted management company, represented by the Association Manager, and our all-volunteer Board Of Directors, work together for the community.